where to eat, shop etc.

About one kilometer from the chalets there is a local shop where you can buy your basic groceries. Next to it there are a few bars but we never checked what they are like. In our opinion if you want to eat something decent one should go to the village of Wetlina (about 3 km.) There, we can recommend a bar by the grocery shop (simple, home-made food), a café next to the Wanderer’s Cottage (Chata Wędrowca) – (two low cottages) or the Wanderer’s Cottage itself.

Should something happen that will require doctor’s help after hours, when the surgery in Cisna is closed, you will have to travel to Lesko. We have a 24-hour rescue station in Cisna during the season, however there is no doctor there and the medical emergency personnel will deal with a selective list of ailments only.

Both Plus and Era have a good range here, we have not checked Orange but we assume it should be OK. You can use the wireless Internet without any trouble.

We can recommend a person in Smerek who can help if your system is down.